Friday, March 30, 2007

Where are the Buyers?

I’m sure that many are asking the same question. I continually keep on hearing that the buyers are waiting for the market to settle down. Buyers are waiting for that killer deal. Buyers are waiting....

OK, so we’ve had a reality lesson for sellers. It’s time for a reality check for buyers. In the Central Florida area, as I am sure with many parts of the country, the real estate housing market has settled down. Yes, there is a great deal of inventory out there, but homes are being sold. Granted, not at as fast a clip as the past few years. But let’s get realistic, that was an anomaly. I doubt if we will see anything like that for a very long time to come.

Sellers seem to be somewhat more realistic in that they are pricing their homes accordingly. I don’t know what so many have in their minds that the market still needs to adjust. It did that last year and that was really finalized by the end of the year. Prices aren’t dropping. They shouldn’t. There are some great values out there. You can actually purchase a home now and walk in their with some equity. Not like what we saw in ’05. This is the way a normal market is supposed to operate.

Prices are not going to go down lower & the interest rates have remained quite low also. This is a great time to purchase a home. There is generally price and value built into these homes. If there isn’t, then move on to the next property. There are enough out there to choose from.

I know some are now blaming the sub-prime market, but then again, these are people that are just always looking for something to blame. Yes, the sub-prime market took a hit. Well, heck, they shouldn’t have issued so many risky, really risky loans. But, there is money out there for people with ‘B/C’ credit. It can be found.

Hello folks, the market has bottomed out. It’s as simple as that. It has turned the corner. I’m not just saying this because I would like some buyers. The stats prove this out as do some of the articles finally being put into print.

I just sold a couple of homes within 45 days in this market. No, they were not underpriced. But, we were able to show Price & Value & everyone walked away from the tables feeling like a winner.

Til next time – Marc It Sold!

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