Thursday, May 10, 2007

Property Taxes – Our Nemesis!

Finally someone has come up with a tax-cut proposal that is somewhat realistic. David Simmons, a state representative from Maitland, has proposed a property tax plan that will offer big tax cuts, but asks homeowners of larger more expensive homes to get a lesser tax cut percentage. More in line with how income taxes work. Basically using a sliding scale approach.

Here’s how this would work. All homeowners would get a tax break of 65% on the first $100K of assessed value of their home. For homes valued $100-200K, these people would receive a 55% tax cut on the second $100K of the homes taxable value. This would be further reduced to a 45% tax cut on the next $100K of taxable value and so forth with homes valued over $600K receiving a 5% tax break.

Breaking this down, this would mean that a home valued at $200K (remember we are talking assessed value not the market value of a property) would pay taxes on approximately 40% of the homes value, while the owner of a $500K home would pay on approximately 56% of the homes value.

This is much more reasonable and differs greatly from Marco Rubio’s plan which is to eliminate the property tax altogether on your primary residence & to raise the sales-tax. This would have created a major shortfall in revenue for local and county governments. Fiscally, I could never see this work in the long-run.

As some of you have read my previous posts, my main concern with all of the tax proposals out there was that they were offering to fix a flawed system with an equally flawed system. Yes, these politicians could all say, “Look what we’ve done for you.” That would only be short-lived.

What are the implications of creating these revenue shortfalls? Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if we would see a property tax again in the near future.

Granted, I am not saying that the tax cut plan proposed by David Simmons is flawless, but it seems to be the most realistic & best conceived of all that have been offered.

Until next time – MARC IT SOLD!

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