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Life and Real Estate – What Do You Want and Where Are You Heading?

What do you want out of life and real estate?

This is not meant to be a personal blah, blah, blah, but it's also the only way I know how to relate the way I see things. Call it Marc's semi-educated outlook, if you wish. I've been mulling this over in my head for a while since commenting on WooHoo Sally's post Business Plan 2008? The Art of Handling Life's Curve Balls ....First. She told me not to hide the real me under the jokes, etc. But it must be said that I do like the jokes and I do not think I'm hiding. I truly believe that laughter is one of the best medicines and especially laughter at ourselves.

Anyway, this one doesn't include much laughter or maybe even my normal caustic sarcasm that many of you have come to know. OK, so already I'm rambling. Let's see if I make this somewhat cohesive. With it being the New Year, there have been many, many posts in regard to predictions, business plans, changes that we are going to make in our lives, etc.

Yes, I have a business plan, it is basically a numbers plan, but it probably isn't specific enough for many in that it's not broken down into # of calls, # of hours calling, etc. Read Margaret Woda's post If You Don't Yet Have a Business Plan, This May Help You Get Started for a very simplistic business plan. We've all read that for you to succeed you need a business plan. Yes, you can have success without a business plan, but you will never come close to your potential. For some this is fine; and yes, I've also had a ‘secret business plan' in the past; one that I kept in my head. Again, writing it down on paper is one of the easiest things to do. And, the benefit that you will derive from that simple task is innumerable.

Writing is a very good thing, at least for me. When I'd been through some troubling times in the past I would start a journal. To me it was very cathartic getting it out. It was a release of sorts.
There are a couple of things that I'd like to touch on. We are in business, but one of the things that I see holding too many back is that they don't believe in themselves. Let me put it another way. How else can any of us expect anyone else to believe in us and our abilities, if we do not fully believe in ourselves? There is no way.

Yes, the old adage is true that you can fool some of the people all of the time, but not all of the people some of the time. Not too many of us have the ability to be that good of an actor as we might like to think we are. We wear our emotions on our sleeves. Even when we think we can hide them, they are more easily read than you may think and you are only kidding yourself, otherwise.

To be an integral part of this business; and, well forget about that, just in life in general - you need to believe in yourself. When you believe in yourself, anything is possible. Additionally, no one - not one damn person has the right to belittle you or make you feel inadequate. NO ONE!! None of us is perfect and anyone who thinks that he/she is - is a fool!

This of course, leads to a topic that we know and have read about quite a bit as well. There are many negative forces out there that will serve you no purpose whatsoever. Part of being in this business and part of selling ourselves is being positive. I, myself, limit the amount of negativity in my life - whether it be friends, acquaintances, situations, etc. Negativity will bring you down.
Think of it this way. When you've been around a negative person for a little while, how have you felt afterwards? I know that for myself, these situations and people are like energy vampires. They sap you of your energy and tire you if you fall into the trap and allow them to. You know the saying ‘misery loves company.' Yes, there are many adages, cliches and old wives tales. The fact is many of these are so very true.

Think of the people around you. Do you surround yourself with positive people and positive situations? The market is, period! (OK, so an exclamation point in this case.) Bob did I say that correctly? You can't do anything about it. But you can change how you look at it and take actions accordingly. You see that I did not say react. A reaction is just a knee jerk action without a plan and no direction. This again is another reason that you need a plan. A plan leads to action.

We have to keep ourselves positive even in the face of adversity. Almost all of us have so much to be thankful for. Yes, we've heard the statement that there are so many less fortunate than ourselves. Sometimes it's hard to see this because as the complicated human beings we are, we do just that - complicate matters. Everything and I mean everything can be broken down into its most simplistic form. When you do break things down to such, only then can you see the underlying cause of what's going on. What you are doing to yourself. Why you may or may not be succeeding.

But to do this you have to be introspective. It's hard for some people to look at their life from the outside looking in or to see themself in the third person. If you can't do this yourself then maybe you should speak with a respected person in your life or possibly even a psychologist. Now a proper therapist will not give you the answers, or at least they shouldn't. But they should ask you the questions to make you think and see for yourself what's going on in your life.

Once you get down to the basis or root, only then can you see what needs to be done to possibly make the proper changes, if need be. If you expect someone to give you the answers then you are only doomed to fail. No one can give you the answer, for you won't believe them in the long run. It has to come from within. Then and only then can you make a plan and take the proper actions that need be.

Now many people have a difficult time with change. Unfortunately, you are in the wrong business then. To be a successful realtor, mortgage broker, etc. you have to be adaptable to the times, situations, etc. Do not get me wrong, I am not telling anyone to get out of the business or what they are doing is wrong. I have no right to do that. Only you can make that final determination for yourself.

We will all run into so-called negative situations in this business. It doesn't always go easy. It is how you handle these adversities that will lead to your success. When you fall down, what do you generally do? You pick yourself up and brush yourself off and are a little more careful of your next step or so.

Don't look back on how it was. That's over and done with. You are in the here and today - not the yesterday and not even the tomorrow yet. You can't do a damn thing to change the past, but you can take action steps today to make for a better tomorrow for yourself.

All in all you have to remember that only you have control over yourself. You have the control to make things happen. You have the power to control your life and your destiny. Yes, they are clichés, but are they not true? Take action! Take control! Be who you want to be and be the best at it that you can be!

Put a smile on your face and the whole world smiles with you!

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