Monday, April 28, 2008

Pet Friendly Orlando and Central Florida

Recently, I was called by a free-lance writer in regard to a story that she was writing for the Orlando Sentinel about pet-friendly communities in Orlando and decided to do some further research to assist her. It appears that AAA (American Automobile Association) and, which came out with its 2007 List of the Top 10 Dog-Friendly Vacation Spots in North America, Orlando ranks #8 in both surveys. Since Orlando is the first Florida city on both surveys, one can deduce that Orlando is then the #1 Pet Friendly city in Florida.

One may not have assumed that the Greater Central Florida area and Orlando particularly was that pet-friendly up until a few years ago when they finally allowed doggie dining. Granted, an establishment has a pay a $150 permit fee to allow doggie dining, but it appears that many have signed on. There is quite a large list of restaurants with outdoor dining that allow you to bring your pets along. Some even provide water bowls and special treats for your loved ones.

In addition to the fact that there are 57 AAA-rated pet-friendly hotels and motels in Orlando, but Walt Disney World, Universal Studios & Sea World all have facilities for your pets.

There are now 10 animal hospitals in the area according to AAA and I’ve noted at least a dozen off-leash Dog Parks as well as over 60 parks and trails that allow your pet, but on a leash. That isn’t too shabby.

Can you say Woof!?!

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