Sunday, October 1, 2006

Off the Wall

OK, So this post has nothing whatsoever to do with Real Estate. I just don't understand where the heck people are coming from. In this case, I'm referring to that little lever on the left side of our steering column - you know the blinker, the turn signal. There are more vehicles on the road every day and the total disregard of some people to others is just so unfathomable. Is it just too much effort to notify someone that you are changing lanes or making a turn? When the hell did we become a society with a total disregard to others. The horray for me - the hell with you club. YEAH!!

I was driving on I-4 a couple of days ago & there was this person (I think it was a man. Yeah, I know here it comes.) who made at least 5 lane changes in traffic (I stopped counting at that point) and did not once use his turn signal. I mean the hell with him if he wants to put his life in danger, but to add someone else's to that equation - BS!! I can hear some already saying, 'Well they were far enough away that I could do that safely.' Excuse my potty mouth, but BFS!!

Yes, I know that our society has changed drastically with the advent of our technology. Yes, we want these quicker - we can find them quicker. It still amazes me that in the matter of nanoseconds I can have several, probably thousand, answers to a search on the internet. That just boggles the mind. But, the absence of common courtesy & decency is just not acceptable. I know that things are cyclical, but then what are we heading towards - to be barbarians again? What is wrong with saying 'Thank You' & 'You're Welcome'? What is wrong with holding the door for someone? What is wrong with slowing down in a parking lot for a pedestrian (because it is against the law to do otherwise)?

Is it me? I do not feel that I have a problem with change. I've always considered myself very adaptable. Please let me know what you think.

Thanks again for your indulgence. Until next time - MARC IT SOLD! That is if I don't get run down in a parking lot & off the road by someone not using there turn signal.

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