Monday, May 15, 2006

Miscellaneous Meanderings

It's funny how things work out.

Guess that we should start out with who and what this blog will be about. It's an avenue for us to relate information and sites that may be of interest to you in regard to real estate. There will be miscellaneous meanders about us & our opinions and feelings in regard to real estate and the Central Florida mraket in particular.

We are in a very unique market in the Greater Orlando area. One main reason being that we are in a destination city - whether it be for tourism, etc. This has allowed Orlando to basically buck the trend that we see overall nationally.

As I mentioned, and you that know me will understand only to well - I can ramble - changing from topic to topic. There so many things that I wish to write & express here & of course, all in due time - HUH!!

Anyway, as I started, recently I was putting together our newsletter & was writing an item related to our new website, which is in the later process of completion and awaiting to be able to start this blog. The item that I mentioned was about that this site will be coming soon & low and behold, I got an email from our web designers ( that am able to blog. So back to the drawing board in regard to the newsletter. But...

Just read a blurb about a new website for Florida condo owners - The site was created by Florida Condo Ombudsman Virgil Rizzo's office. Here condo owners here in Florida can go to learn their rights & responsibilities, file a complaint against their condo board or ask questions. They have many forums set up.

That leads us to another aspect of this blog. We hope that it is not only helpful for you, but that you will pose some of your real estate related questions to us. We look forward to hearing from you & hopefully being able to clearly answer your questions. But you should also know, that if we do not have the adequate answer, that we will send you in the direction that will be most helpful to you.

If you read over our bio in our parent website,, that we strongly believe in education - ours & that of helping you become a more educated consumer.

Till our next post! We will try to be here quite regularly for you. Right now, we are on vacation in Fort Lauderdale & don't ask us what could be better than relaxing oceanfront and writing our first blog. Excitement Abounds!!!

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