Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Charlie Crist – The People’s Governor…..

florida governor charlie crist

…or at least that’s what he’d like people to think. Guess that’s why he’s named himself that on his website. But Florida Governor Charlie Crist is anything but. He is just a political animal looking for his next appointment. He can’t even get through one term in office and he’s already been vying for one job and is now looking forward towards another possibility.

My reason for writing this post came about after a Government Affairs Committee meeting for the Orlando Regional Realtors Association last week while talking with a couple of colleagues. We were discussing the upcoming Legislative Days in Tallahassee and I made a disparaging remark about our Governor. One of the woman asked me why and my response was that Charlie Crist surely can’t like his job as Governor of this state. Additionally, there is a great editorial by Mike Thomas in yesterday’s Orlando Sentinel, As rendezvous with harsh realty nears, Crist may consider Senate bid.

Since he’s been in office he’s been trying to get other positions. He couldn’t have been further up Senator John McCain’s derriere following him around the country seeking to be his running mate for the Vice Presidential nomination. Now, that is gone he wants to run for the U. S. Senate. Sorry, but maybe you should take some time and take care of things at home before moving on.

You never know what will come from Charlie Crist. He hasn’t accomplished one of his campaign’s goals and on top of that has reversed his stance several times. To make himself more appealing to the McCain ticket he thought it would be good to change his opinion on Offshore Drilling. The heck with the environment and the people of Florida.

I can understand wanting to get ahead and being politically motivated, but….doesn’t there have to be a limit? It’s understood that Charlie is looking towards the White House and the thought of that really scares me. He can’t take care of his present position, how the heck can he take care of this nation.

Crist is very charismatic and we’ve all got sucked into his speeches, but when you look at them, they’re all rhetoric. He speaks about being bipartisan and reaching across the aisle, but he is only interested in one goal….and that is promoting Charlie Crist at whoevers expense that may be. His approval rating is unfathomable for such a poor Governor.

None of his Real Estate initiatives, whether it be taxes, insurance or promoting increased sales and production has had any success, whatsoever. In fact, they've all been abominable including his much touted Amendment 1.

Seriously, why do you think Charlie got married? Because it would help his political career. He needed it to supposedly dispel the rumors that he’s gay or bi or whatever the heck he is. Who cares, but again it’s just political motivation. It’s been shown that as Attorney General he knew of the Mark Foley scandal a long time before it became public, but just pushed it under the carpet.

I really don’t care what he is, but I do care that he’s possibly a hypocrite. There is no room for Charlie Crist in the State of Florida and surely he won’t be much help to the people in other offices as well.

Mike Thomas wrote, that “his poll numbers have an inverse relationship with reality. There is little more to be gained, and lots to be lost, by staying in Tallahassee.” Please move on Mr. Crist and preferably out of politics. Then you would be doing us a favor and we’ll call you a – Man of the People!

Till next time…Marc It Sold!

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