Friday, July 24, 2009

City of Apopka Proposes a Tax Hike

city of apopka seminole and orange county florida 32703 and 32712The City of Apopka is raising the millage rate, but because of governmentese it is called a rate rollback. The reason they can do this is the municipality can raise the rate so that they can continue receiving the same amount of funds as in the previous year. The current rate is 3.5168 mils and the proposed rate is 4.1115, an almost 17% increase.

According to a city official that I spoke with he stated that we should not pay more since property values have gone down in the past year. This may be so in some instances, but not all.

With everything that has been going on for the past two years and the expected shortfalls, why did the city build an amphitheater? Was this a necessity, other than for more religious concerts? Seriously, have we forgotten about the separation of church and state?

There are 2 more meeting scheduled for September, the next being on the 16th. If you have an issue with this rate hike (oh I’m sorry, rollback) than you need to have your voice heard. Anyway, just my .02.

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