Tuesday, August 25, 2009

5 Simple Landscape Ideas That Say - WOW!!

Whether you are selling or just want to spruce up your property, here are some simple ideas that are fairly affordable.

1. Add a Splash of Color - By adding color to your landscape, you are in essence adding another dimension. Flowering annuals produce an abundance of color for a sustained period of time.

2. The size of trees and shrubs should be in proportion to the size of the home, whether it be a one-story, two-story, etc. They should also not be blocking windows, doors or other architectural features of the home.

3. Lush Green Lawn - in other words get rid of those brown spots. And if you are located in a drought area, how about drought resistant plants, rocks, boulders and other ornamental grasses.

4. Shine the light - Add low voltage or solar lighting to the outside to add drama to your home at night. Highlight the front door, walkway, trees or branches, but don't overdo it.

5. Add a fountain - The sound of water is very appealing and soothing. You can put a nice one together fairly reasonably.

Till next time... Marc It Sold!

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