Friday, September 7, 2007

Fall Clean Up

On this day in history...

1st closed-circuit auto race held at Cranston, RI in 1896.

The historic Farley Post Office building in New York City opened for postal business in 1914.

First Miss America Pageant was held in 1921.

Interpol is formed in Vienna in 1923.

Boulder Dam, now the Hoover Dam, began operation in 1936.

Integration began in Wash, DC & Baltimore, MD public schools in 1954.

The PLO hijacked 4 planes in 1970.

ESPN premiered in 1979.

Fall Clean Up

Spring isn't the only time to clean up your home. Fall is a very important time as well. Many of you in the northern areas will need to start to winterize your home - getting it ready for the winter ahead.

For most of us in Florida. It is a time, usually mid-October, that we can open our windows again after the long summer.

It's funny because as I've looked around on the internet for fall clean up ideas, it appears that what would be the normal clean up projects up north are our normal projects come the spring time. The reason that I can gather this is that up north you are preparing for the winter and snow, while down here in the spring, we are preparing for the rains. The reason that I come to this conclusion is that two of the jobs that I keep on seeing repeated are check your roof & clean your leaders and gutters. Now, granted, these are good to do at both seasons.

It appears that all of the ideas that I'm finding for a fall clean up are basically the same as the spring clean up. The only differences really are checking the heating as opposed to the a/c system - generally the same unit down here in Florida. Up north you're starting to pack your summer furniture away and down here we are starting to use ours again.

But the basic cleaning is just normal cleaning that should be done all along.

Oh well, there goes what I thought would be a good blog on tips for a nice fall house cleaning.

Til next time...Marc It Sold!

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