Sunday, December 2, 2007

My Guilty Music Pleasures

Guys, I apologize for crashing your party. I know that everyone is invited and normally I would just be a wallflower and comment. Unfortunately, I realized how lame I am while commenting on Adam Waldman's and Jason Crouch's posts.

The reason that I'm posting an entry is because I basically outed myself on those two blogs. And then as I was heading to a function this evening and changed stations, there was a song and it was like - my goodness!! Now, let me preface this by stating that in no way can I top Jason's "Ben." I apologize but that is just to 'gay' for me. (Sorry, don't attack me, I have nothing against homosexuals, this is just a word of choice.)

So, there I was driving along and bam this song is on. You'll remember him instantly. He's not only a musician but also an actor. Yes, the woman loved him, I guess he was dreamy on General Hospital playing Dr. Noah Drake. Yes I know, I'm ashamed as I well should be. So here I was singing along to Rick Springfield doing 867-5309 - Jenny's Song. I can't imagine what it must have been like for anyone with that phone number, because I'm sure there were many people that tried it.

But it get's worse, just remember "Jessie's Girl." And I further go down the tubes because I knew that I had a Rick Springfield record and so I had to go looking. And there it was a 45rpm of "Don't Talk to Strangers." Now, I don't remember why I bought this. It is in a picture jacket and I did buy 45's for that reason back in the 80's, but at the same time I also bought ones that I usually liked. So, I plead - GUILTY!!

OK, so the glass of wine that I'm drinking - hic - is making this a little easier. In fact, it's a little cathartic, but in a sick sort of way. Which as many of you know just suits me fine.

So with this find I did a little thinking and remembered a few gems - old and new - that I have. With that said, my next death knoll is an actor, musician, singer & songwriter. He wrote the screenplay for "When Harry Met Sally." Yes, and this is a double whammy because I have a cassette of him. And yes, it is Harry Connick, Jr.

OK, just poured a second glass and yes it's making it easier because I didn't have to look any further.

This next group started before some of you were even conceived - couldn't think of putting that any nicer. They started in 1969. They got a lot of airplay and remember distinctly hating them. You just kept on hearing their damn songs all the time on the radio - over and over. For some reason and I have no foggy idea why, I started liking them in the mid to late 70's and have more albums of theirs than I really wish to tell. In fact, I refuse to go to my LP collection and count them, but I know there are several. Some of you older folks like me, will remember that they started out as the Chicago Transit Authority, but shortly afterwards shortened their name to Chicago. Oh yeah, the song, "If You Leave Me Now."

A few more and I'll try to go through these quickly or at least quicker, but I've never been able to make a long story short - I only make is longer!

Now, I've always been a Rod Stewart fan. Definitely some awesome songs like "Maggie May" with the 'Faces' and "Reason to Believe" to just name a few. No, that's not the Rod Stewart that I'm talking about. Over the past few years he's put out a number of CD's entitled, "The Great American Songbook." These are all of older music - 50's and older, such as this one with Cher - "Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered." Now, maybe these don't belong in here, but you'll note shortly why I mention them.

Now, the reason that I brought Rod up is because of the next one. I would never admit that I liked him. Yes, this artist was definitely annoying as hell. And to make matters worse I recently bought two of his CD's. In one he "Sings Sinatra," which I couldn't find on YouTube & his other one is entitled "Greatest Songs of the Fifties." But you would know him better for songs like, "Mandy," "I Write the Songs," & "Looks Like We Made It." Oh yes, I'm sure you've gathered that this is Barry Manilow. Yes, I can't believe that I'm finally admitting this and maybe some might feel that I should be tarred and feathered.

Now, a drum roll please... OK, I need to pour another glass of wine. Can't believe that it is taking over two hours to compile this!

See, there I guess it shows that the wine is probably - hic - kicking in.

OK, back to our drum roll..... Without further ado - some may and some may not remember songs such as "Cherry, Cherry" (OK guys, be nice!) & "Cracklin' Rosie," but also albums such as "The Jazz Singer." Now, I have to honest here, I have not listened to that in while, but I do have it on my hard drive (just checked - still there)! Yes, we are talking about Neil Diamond. Now, that still doesn't touch Jason's "Ben," but....

OK, so my soul is bared! I can't imagine the abuse that I might receive from this, but...I'll just have to click on The Jazz Singer while I'm reading those comments. I must admit that this has also been an enjoyable ride down memory lane for me. Hope you enjoyed as well, that is if you can relate to some of this. Yeah, I know I can't play with the younger kids, but some of us never grow up.
Till next time - Marc It Sold!

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