Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Real Estate Contract – Right of First Refusal – Who Benefits?

This post came about because of one by Jessica Horton entitled, "Why put a carton of milk on layaway when your old dairy cow doesn't have any takers?" In it she discussed about receiving a lot more real estate contracts as of late with contingency clauses for the sale of a buyer's home with no kick-out clause.

Let me preface this by stating that I make it a point to follow-up and follow through. From the get go I get the buyers information in regard their lender, etc. and put calls through until I hopefully get more information back. For the many that have come to know me, I do not like surprises and I can only gather that my sellers would not be too thrilled with them either.

Considering the present market conditions, I will not take a home off of the market if there is a contingency clause for the sale of the buyer's home. For the purposes here, I'm assuming the fact that the buyer's home is already listed with a real estate professional and priced accordingly for the market. Granted, I would prefer it to be under contract and then obviously feel better about the situation. Of course if that was the case, I would respectfully request all the information as to their buyer's lender and follow through on that as well.

The reason that I'm writing this is not as much in regard to what's just been written, but more so to how this affects your seller's home being shown after the contract is executed.

I have found that the majority of the time the home is basically passed over for consideration and that the showings generally cease or slow to a trickle at the most. I'm not aware of other MLS's, but in the Mid-Florida Regional MLS we can keep the home ‘active' but the first thing that has to be mentioned in the public remarks section is that you have a ‘Contingency Contract' and I usually add that it's a ‘Right of First Refusal' with a certain number of hours denoted. This appears to essentially take the home off of the market.

With the number of homes available in today's market I have to wonder if our seller's are hindering themselves by accepting some of these contracts. Like I've said I try to do my homework, but what about the person that does not? I try not to talk negatively in regard to others in our profession, but are they performing a disservice to their client?

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