Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Concrete Block Stucco (CBS) vs. Frame Construction

The recent unseasonal cold weather brought about this post of concrete block construction vs. wood frame. There are advantages and disadvantages with both types of construction. One of the main deciding factors in utilizing concrete block vs. frame construction is the climate of the home.

In warmer more tropical climates, concrete block is generally utilized due to its properties in keeping a home cooler during the early part of the day and therefore using less air conditioning. On the other hand in colder weather, concrete block does not insulate well and you feel quite cold. That’s where I’ve been during these colder days that we’ve been noticing in Central Florida this year. Wood frame construction has more insulating properties than does concrete block. With wood frame you place the insulation not only in the ceiling but the walls as well creating a much more energy efficient home.

Another main reason, which used to be more valid in the past, for utilizing concrete block vs. frame construction was it’s being able to withstand hurricane force winds much better. Frame construction has come a long way over the years and can, when properly built, withstand winds of 120mph. Granted, you are more susceptible to damage from a hurricane in a wood frame home vs. concrete block.

Now we come to our friend the termite. Because of our weather and therefore great deal of moisture during certain times of year, we have the issue of termites. More so than many other parts of the country. With that said, termites love wood. Too many people are of the misunderstanding that you will not get termites if you have a home built of concrete block. While a frame constructed home is more susceptible, there is still wood utilized for the interior construction of a concrete block home – roof trusses, baseboards, furring strips, etc.

With frame construction you will have more design flexibility of the home as opposed to concrete block. In fact some of the design elements that you see in a concrete block home are actually areas that are framed out.

Here’s a little table to assist you in the pros and cons of concrete block vs. frame construction:

Concrete Block

Wood Frame

Construction Cost


High Wind/Hurricane


Insulating Properties


Possible Termites


Design Flexibility


Insurance Cost


Hope this helps you in deciding what’s right for you!

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