Monday, June 23, 2008

In Defense of Realtors®

It appears that this morning, I'm in Op-Ed mode as I've written a piece for the Orlando Sentinel and am sharing this one in response to an op-ed that was played out on the CBS Sunday Morning Show yesterday, June 22, 2008. Watch the video to better understand my letter to the editor below:

Wow!! I was originally incensed by Gil Schwartz’, aka Stanly Bing’s, rebuttal of Andrew Cohen’s op ed piece. His list of ‘liars’ amazed me when he threw in Realtors® in the #1 position. How dare he!?!

Yes, as with any industry, we have our black sheep. But, as a Realtor® and a member of NAR (the National Association of Realtors®), we also have a very strict and comprehensive Code of Ethics which must be followed. And is followed by the majority in this industry. It forces us to be accountable for our actions. The public relations industry does not have any such accountability.

Yes, the PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) also has a Code of Ethics, but the Preamble simply states, that the “Emphasis on enforcement of the Code has been eliminated.” Yep, I see accountability here!

So, how can he describe Realtors® as in the #1 group of “really big prevaricators”?

And lets look at the public relations industry. Hmmm, lobbyists – oh no you won’t find any prevaricators there, will you? Mr. Schwartz was talking about ‘hacks.’ How about Spin Doctors? Oh yes, they only selectively present information to support their position. I guess since it’s only a partial truth, that is alright because they didn’t lie. Didn’t tell the whole truth either, but hey – that’s OK!

As a public relations person, I think you should think more clearly before you speak, Mr Schwartz. You are representing your industry just as I, as a Realtor®, am representing mine.

Marc Grossman

Apopka, FL

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